Discovery Insights

Insights Discovery allows you to take a powerful and meaningful look into who you are, and how you interact with others. The depth of insight provided means that Discovery can take you to places you never expected.

Once a participant understands the basics we can propose a number of different ways to keep the knowledge alive—from team, sales, or leadership effectiveness programs to individual coaching opportunities, the sky’s the limit for ways that the Discovery program can be used.

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Insights Programs Are:

Simple. Easy to understand and remember, so everyone can apply what they learn.

Universal. They speak to everyone—your whole organization will be captivated by the Insights magic.

Deeply Insightful. They take you places that you never expected.

Insights Discovery Process

Your participants will complete a short assessment that will provide valuable information about their communication styles and preferences.

We’ll prepare all program materials, gather assessment results, and plan an onsite session specific to your team. All your participants need to do is show up!

During the session, participants will learn about communication styles, preferences, and how to adapt to others.  We’ll also review assessment results.

Post-program, you’ll still be in good hands.  Our facilitators will provide ongoing support, suggest follow up activities, and provide additional resources.