The ability to communicate effectively may be the most important skill needed to successfully navigate within today’s business culture.  How often does spot-on communication happen as spontaneously as one might assume?  In nearly all cases, those great communicators who are admired for their crisp, clear, engaging messages have spent a great deal of time honing, changing, and tweaking their message until it was just right.

How much more productive could your teams be if communication was clear, honest, timely, and impactful?  What barriers could your teams overcome if they were able to embrace positive conflict and bring real passion to their work?

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Some indications that your team may need help communicating:

  • People hold back in meetings—things are left unsaid
  • Employees lack clear direction or are confused about next steps
  • Team members seem disengaged or disheartened
  • Drama and office politics are a distraction from real work
  • Blame shifting, excuses, or a “not my problem” attitude become commonplace
  • Employees seem detached and dispassionate

Mastering Communication Process

Learning about your communication style and goals (professional and personal) will help us understand where to begin. We’ll also suggest goals designed to stretch your communication muscles.

Once your goals are clear, we’ll work together to define a plan to achieve them.  This includes creating a timeline for change and defining important milestones to meet as you progress and grow.

Together we’ll hone in on the communication style that works for you and gets the results you want. We’ll also practice often and provide frequent feedback designed to help you tweak your style and delivery.